Using ClickUp as a content calendar

I first began using ClickUp as a Kanban-like task manager when, due to a serious faux pas on the part of my erstwhile employer, I lost access to Trello, Jira, and Office365. ClickUp is an online productivity tool with a robust free version (I first wrote about it in Friday Goody Bag as “How Sauron runs his kingdom“).   One of the things ClickUp does really well is schedule blog posts. If you’re a marketer searching for a content calendar tool, consider ClickUp. Here’s what I did:

  • Set up a board called “Friday Goody Bag”
  • Set up one column of tasks called “To write”
  • Set up another column called “Done”
  • Every time I think of an idea for an article, I create a task. I can write the article right in the task notes or return to it later.
  • When I’m not near my PC, I can use the ClickUp app on my phone to jot down an idea.
  • When Thursday night arrives, Friday Goody Bag is already mostly written – I just pick and choose the topics that are most ready to share.

You can’t use ClickUp to automatically publish your content (for that you’ll need HootSuite, SproutSocial, or one of the freebie imitations of one of those tools), but it is really great for brainstorming content ideas and keeping them all in one place. If you want to get more involved in scheduling your content, ClickUp has a calendar view and will even integrate with Google Calendar. Happy writing!