Use your desktop background to reinforce your personal brand during meetings

As a reader of FGB, you already know how to avoid rookie mistakes when you’re running online meetings. Now it’s time to kick it up a notch!

Every part of a meeting attendee’s experience during a meeting you lead becomes a part of their impression of you. Does your desktop background have a family photo? That’s fine, if you want your audience to see your family. Is it your favorite scene from Game of Thrones? Uh… (Sorry, Tyrion.) Pick an image that isn’t too cluttered and helps convey a positive (and safe for work) message to the meeting attendees any time it shows. 

*As far as I can determine, Dustin’s post, written in 2014, is the original “Stock photos that don’t suck” post. If you Google this phrase, you’ll find a lot of similarly titled articles that build on Dustin’s great idea…but Dustin wrote it first.