Use Instagram hashtags to create custom content

Hashtags on Instagram pictures (or Twitter or LinkedIn pictures, for that matter) are typically intended to attract more views or followers. But you can also use them to create a curated version of your Instagram feed. This is useful in a few different ways. But first, here’s how.

For example, my Instagram account is “naomispot.” It’s a real grab-bag – vacation photos, things I cooked… I wouldn’t be surprised if I accidentally threw a couple of meal receipts in there. Let’s say I want to only show my pictures of coffee:

  • I create a hashtag that people are unlikely to use in their own Instagram feeds: “naomispotcoffee.”
  • For each photo that I want to feature, I add a comment: #naomispotcoffee.
  • Now, I build the URL (it’s just the string “” plus your hashtag, e.g.:

Now I can use this link anywhere where links are used! Here are a few examples: