Turn off notifications from Mail and Outlook

I thought I was going crazy! Many times each day on my Windows machine, I’d see a notification on the bottom right side, saying I had a new email message. I’d click the little arrow to dismiss it, and five minutes later it would come back again. The same thing happened for calendar events. Part of the problem is that Windows has its own “Mail” software program that, just like Outlook, can be used to answer emails. Worse, I felt so alone, because no one else seemed to be talking about this scourge….

In case you’re having the same issue, it’s important to know that there are three places you may need to turn off notifications: in Windows “Settings,” in the Mail app itself, and in Outlook. If you need a little more guidance, MakeUseOf discusses how to disable Mail notifications, and Microsoft has an article about how to disable Outlook notifications.