The secrets of writing a good thank-you note

If the last time you wrote a thank-you note was before the turn of the century, read on! Handwritten thank-you notes are not just a chore you’re required to do after you’ve received a gift – they can give you a real edge in business, setting you apart from others.

Why do most people not write notes? In addition to the logistics (do you have a drawer full of blank cards? when was the last time you went to the post office?), writing a thank-you note can be really difficult!

Friday Goody Bag comes to the rescue:

  • Your note doesn’t need to be elaborate. A short note can make just as much difference as a longer note. Stock up on small notecards if you’re not verbose.
  • Are you insecure about your handwriting? Don’t worry! If your handwriting is really awful, your recipient may appreciate the note even more because they can tell that writing doesn’t seem to come naturally to you.
  • If you have a nice card, try drafting the thank-you note separately first – on your computer or on a piece of scrap paper.

What to say? Here’s a simple formula:

  1. Say thank-you and specify what the person did for you.
  2. Tell the person what their favor or gift meant to you.
  3. Add a small personal comment.
  4. Close with a simple “Best regards,” “Sincerely,” “In appreciation,” or use a more creative closing that hints at your next meeting: “Looking forward to seeing you at the annual conference,”

For more detail, download and hang onto the Friday Goody Bag Thank-You Note Prompterator!