Making Zoom easier

If you’re a seasoned teleconference veteran, you may have fallen out of love with Zoom just from overexposure. Here are three ways to make it easier and friendlier:
Set recurring meetings. If you always meet at the same time each week or day, make your meeting a recurring one by ticking the “Recurring meeting” box right under the “Time Zone” pulldown menu. 
Use “Meeting Templates.” If you meet with the same group of people but don’t have a set meeting time, set up a “Meeting Template” and use it to book your meetings. (Choose “Save as a Meeting Template” from the bottom of the “Edit Meeting” screen on your original meeting. Then select the template from the “Use a template” drop-down menu that appears next time you create a meeting).
Use the Outlook plug-in to schedule meetings. If you’re a Microsoft Outlook user, you can benefit from an add-in that allows you to schedule Zoom meetings directly from Outlook instead of first going to Zoom, creating the meeting, and then adding it to your calendar. Visit to grab it.