Make your business card work harder

Do you attend networking events and hand out your business card? What’s on the back? The back of your business card can present a time-sensitive call-to-action that helps your new contacts continue to connect meaningfully with you even if they aren’t going to call you right away and hire you for a gig or a job. Here are some examples:

  • A musician hands out a business card with an announcement of the band’s next gig on the back.
  • A job-seeker hands out a card with a link to her resume or LinkedIn profile on the back.
  • A company prints a time-sensitive offer on the back of business cards that are given out at a trade show.

(If you have a “side hustle” and are attending a networking event as a representative of your full-time job, make sure that you’re not “side hustling” inappropriately.)

Here are a few pointers and how-to’s:

  • If you don’t have design skills or the money to hire a designer, use one of the many online printing services that allows you to create cards online. 
  • Look for a printing service that allows you to create more than one different design for the back of a business card. That way you don’t have to do separate business card orders for separate calls to action.
  • Make sure that your call to action is compelling and related to what your contact will see if they visit the web page you’re promoting. “See what this sales leader can do for you!” beats “Find me on LinkedIn.”

Guess what the back of my personal card says!