Look smart(er) on LinkedIn

LinkedIn is an incredible platform for social selling. There are times to use it to sell (engage with other people’s posts, send messages or InMails, apply for jobs) – but in order to improve your results, you should have a decent profile photo.

You don’t have to look perfect – but you should not have a blank profile picture, use something that doesn’t crop well into a circle, or look like a slob. Also, you should probably not use a logo or anything that looks like a commercial message – LinkedIn is all about showcasing people.

What can you do if you don’t have a professional photo? (Do NOT pull out the latest Facebook picture of you at a wedding. I don’t care how great you look – cropping a party photo does NOT make a good headshot). Here are 3 things to try instead:

  • Get a professional photo. Make an appointment with J.C. Penney or your favorite local photo studio.
  • Next time you go to a trade show, make sure you look awesome. Odds are one of the exhibitors will be featuring free photos as a way to attract booth traffic, and you can take advantage of this to score a decent headshot for your LinkedIn profile.
  • Amazing B&W life hack – take a black and white portrait with your iPhone using the “Silvertone” filter.

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