Instant confidence

Are you getting ready to give a presentation or hold a crucial conversation? Sales professionals of yore used to give their car a little extra gas and crank up the theme to “Rocky” on the way to important meetings – but here’s something you can do even during a meeting: adjust your posture.

Putting your arms up in a “V” and lifting your chin is one of several “high power” poses, and doing them gives you an instant shot of confidence. Find a private place for 2 minutes, and take a power pose such as standing with your hands on your hips, putting your arms up in the air (extra points for listening to “Moves Like Jagger” while doing this), or leaning back with your arms behind your head as you see Oprah doing.

You can watch Amy Cuddy’s Ted Talk (20-ish minutes) to learn more, including how your posture in any interaction can influence the power dynamics.

For more subtle and long-lasting effects, take a 5-minute yoga break to adjust and align your posture.

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