Improve the productivity of online meetings

We’re all familiar with technical difficulties in conference calls – mysterious echoes caused by two microphones being on in the same room, people having issues dialing in, etc. However, human factors can contribute just as much bad juju as technical factors. Here are a few tips to make sure you’re not “that person.”

  • If you’re in a group meeting and others are joining by phone, every sound you make will be magnified. Side conversations, snacking, squeaky furniture, and late arrivals all dampen the experience of teleworkers. At best, they feel left out of the action; at worst, they can’t hear what is being said. You can use FGB’s troubleshoot-the-next-day appointment to regularly pre-flight your schedule so you’re not the one chewing crunchy carrots or crashing through the doors at seven minutes past start time.
  • If you’re leading a meeting, regularly inviting input from people on the phone will make their participation more meaningful.
  • Being on-camera is a fantastic tool for improving online meetings. If you’re dialing in on the phone, being on-camera automatically prevents bad behavior like “multitasking.” Even more important, it provides others important visual cues as to when you’re finished speaking or have something to say. This can make the flow of conversation much smoother and avoid awkward, stressful pauses and talk-overs.

This is not just a diatribe from someone who’s been through too many glitched meetings. Because working from home can reduce the carbon impact of business by cutting back on travel and commuting, a robust remote working culture is an important part of our transition to a zero-carbon future. Following these tips will make the experience of remote meetings as intimate and as effective as possible.