How to look desperate on LinkedIn

We’re coming up on another holiday weekend, where workaholics and gig-a-holics everywhere are compulsively checking their LinkedIn feeds for any kind of professional update. Here are a few suggestions for surviving the weekend, if you’re tempted to over-indulge!

  • The best suggestion is simply don’t look at LinkedIn, and enjoy your time off. Turn off LinkedIn’s notifications on your phone and don’t read the posts. Trust me – LinkedIn turns into Facebook over holiday weekends; the only difference is that now you’re seeing pictures of your boss’s cat instead of your best friend’s.
  • If you do get drawn in, don’t publish posts yourself or engage with other people’s posts. You’ll look like a desperate workaholic who can’t get away from LinkedIn over the holiday weekend – and the only people who will see your brilliance are other desperate workaholics.
  • If you’re financially strapped, time over the holiday weekend is better spent planning out financial strategies, cleaning house, or going through your bank statements looking for hidden subscriptions to cancel – the holiday weekend is not a good time to snag jobs, gigs or side hustles.
  • Finally – if you want to look really desperate – share one or more of those rainbow-background quotes to your news feed. Seriously! Let’s make LinkedIn look totally like Facebook. Extra points if your quote makes you sound bitter or underemployed.

What to read instead

Even if you’re a grizzled veteran of your profession, reading blog articles can help you tune up your techniques and remind you of the things you’re already doing that are good. HubSpot’s sales blog is one of my favorite blogs – useful for sales professionals and everyone else alike! Here are three of the best posts:

  • Elevator Pitch Examples. How do you introduce yourself when a stranger asks: “What do you do?” The blog post also covers when NOT to deliver an elevator pitch.
  • Sales Script Examples. Cold calls and voicemails aren’t only for the lead gen team – sometimes we all need to make cold calls. The blog post provides tips and examples. Top takeaway: Always make sure you have a call to action in your sales call, meaning something easy you’ll ask the prospect to do (set an appointment, read an email you will send them, etc.)

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