How Sauron runs his kingdom

ClickUp bills itself as “One app to replace them all,” and this is not far from the truth. I’ve been using it as a combination task tracker, project manager, and note-taker. 

ClickUp has an extremely robust free version. It’s like a multi-layered version of Jira, Trello, or Microsoft Planner, with many ways to run projects and (fortunately) a good set of tutorials. I haven’t ever wished I had upgraded to the paid version (this is one of my tests for whether free software is worth recommending here).  

Here are some projects I’ve run with ClickUp:

  • Friday Goody Bag: I have three “buckets,” one for un-written posts, one for drafts, and one for posts that have already been published. When I come up with an idea for a post, I open ClickUp on the web or on my phone app and jot it down.
  • Consulting sales: I put specific action items related to clients, prospects, and ongoing projects into ClickUp. I create a bucket for each client or prospect, which works because my business is quite small. 
  • Reading / viewing list: I’ve got three buckets: “Fun,” “Professional,” and “Done.” When I hear a recommendation or find something I want to read later, I put it into the right bucket. 

Visit ClickUp to learn more and start using the software for free.