How do you say “Morten”?

This tip was recently shared by the inimitable Morten Rand-Hendriksen, online instructor extraordinaire. Using the LinkedIn Mobile App, you can record the pronunciation of your name – helping new acquaintances say your name correctly. The instructions are here!

Besides the obvious benefit of allowing our contacts to speak with us more easily, using this feature allows us to send a message of acceptance and inclusion with our profile. It says: “I’m willing to teach you my name,” which also implies “I’m willing to learn yours.” As Dale Carnegie wrote decades ago, people love to hear their names. Taking the time to learn someone’s name will lay the foundation for a good friendship or collegial relationship. Just ask my friend Anbalagan!

(I referred to Morten Rand-Hendriksen as inimitable, which means someone who cannot be imitated or duplicated. This word is often used as a somewhat flowery compliment to convey a lot of good will or appreciation. It’s appropriate for Morten, whose courses on LinkedIn Learning are easy to follow. However, because Morten has taken advantage of this feature on his profile, it is now possible to imitate him saying his name. So I guess he’s no longer inimitable.)