gordon-gekko-56798133, your LinkedIn profile needs a quick fix!

The “Careers” page of a local tech firm used to advise applicants that if their LinkedIn URL had a bunch of numbers at the end of it, they would not even be considered for a job there. (At least they told us).

Fifty percent of current Friday Goody Bag subscribers have this problem. Navigate to your own profile on LinkedIn and then look at the browser bar – does your page’s Website address have a bunch of numbers after your name? Here’s how to fix it (and look like one of the cool kids).

Click “Me” to navigate to (and edit) your LinkedIn profile.

Click “View Profile.”

Click “Edit public profile and URL” (towards the top right corner of your big, intimidating Profile page that shows how awesome you are).

Towards the top right-hand corner of your screen, you’ll see a box that says “Edit custom URL” at the top. Follow the instructions to get rid of the numbers.

If you have a common name and someone else of that name got there first, you may have to be creative – middle names, hyphens, etc. are all OK. Just make it look as if someone besides LinkedIn’s algorithm created your URL.

That’s it! Now your LinkedIn profile looks LIKE A BOSS.