Friday Goody Bag gets cranky — Enough with the hashtags already!

When you’re writing posts for LinkedIn, you may know that adding hashtags to your posts will allow them to be discovered by other people who are searching for these hashtags.

But for the love of all things great and holy, please don’t hashtag every other word in your paragraph! Recently I’ve read a lot of sentences that go something like this: “Today we celebrate #inclusion, #diversity, and #intersectionality as the #team from #ABCCorporation goes to #bat for #values!” When you turn a word into a hashtag, LinkedIn makes it a link, which turns it bold and blue. This makes the sentence hard to read because it becomes a mishmash of typographic styles. Even worse, by calling attention to themselves, the hashtags remind the reader that the post is promotional in nature. The net effect of all this is that you come across as deeply insincere. At least, that’s what this cranky person thinks!

As far as I know, you get the same “search” visibility if you put your hashtags underneath your deathless prose. It’ll make it a lot cleaner and easier to read (and then you won’t have to cramp your style by filling your post up with buzzwords, either).