Expedite group emails in Outlook

If you’re working on a project team and are adding contacts one-by-one to project emails, you may save time by setting up a group of contacts and sending emails to that group, rather than to the individuals. I’m not talking about creating an Office 365 group – that’s a little more involved. I’m just talking about setting up your own group, within the Outlook email client. Here’s how:

First, click on “Contacts” – the little icon at the bottom of the left within any Outlook screen. 

Next, right-click in the middle column (some contact groups may already be listed there). Choose “New Contact Group” from the pull-down menu, and name it anything you want. This only creates a contact group within YOUR instance of Outlook, not on the server (although it does show to your recipients, so don’t have too much fun).

In the dialog box, click “Add Members.” Then you can choose contacts from your address list and add them to the group.

This will not only save you time in sending emails, it’ll also save you from making the mistake of leaving someone off an email chain who really should be there.

Disclaimer: If you want REAL help with your computer, consult your IT team or your kids.

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