Communication tips for tough times

Keep emails and memos on point

Now more than ever, it’s important to communicate clearly. Limit your messages to the take-away; don’t crowd them with too much detail. Anyone who wants more detail can ask. 

“We’re not their doctor,” said a wise person I know

Please don’t share anything beyond the most broadly validated health information or advice. The scientists and health professionals at the Centers for Disease Control are maintaining a comprehensive, up-to-date website on COVID-19. Check it out!  

Keep PowerPoints simple for video calls

If you’re a PowerPoint wizard who does a lot of presentations, you may be used to waving your remote around making things jump and bounce in front of a crowd of admiring people. On video calls, however, animations can look herky-jerky and distracting. Ixnay on the wizardry – now more than ever is the time for clean, simple slides.