Cleaning up dirty laundry in Google

Do you have a past? I don’t… but if I did, I might have a problem like this when sending or receiving Gmail. A former married name shows up in weird places, even though I’ve changed my Google account name. So I go to send email to myself in Gmail and the “From” name automatically populates with “Naomi (three surnames ago).” Or, names of departed friends show up as I’m typing recipients’ names in, causing me to be sad.

If you’re experiencing this kind of minor irritation, the answer lies in the “Contacts” section of your Google account. Go to “” and click “People & sharing” on the left-hand side. From the screen that appears, click “Contacts.” Your “former” identities will show up there — just delete them, along with anyone else you would like to delete. Now you can truly move on with your life!