Be smart(er) on LinkedIn

Describe yourself awesomely:

Does your “About” section read like a description of someone who’s looking for a new job? Why not make it about someone who’s passionate about your current job? In other words, instead of focusing on impressing an imaginary future employer, focus it our market! Read mine for ideas. Even if you don’t plan to stay in your current role forever, you’ll impress prospective employers with your customer focus.

Be a thought leader (or at least, a first follower)

“Liking” someone’s post is nice – but SHARING a post is AWESOME!!!!

I can’t say this enough. If you just “like” someone’s post, the only person who is notified is the person who posted it. That is so frustrating!!

To be vastly more effective, SHARE a post to your own feed. This does many amazing things for you and for your organization:

  • You pop up in the timeline of anyone you’re connected to
  • You increase your personal visibility
  • You inform your connections about the post you’re sharing
  • You increase your company’s visibility and brand
  • You increase the visibility of your colleague who created the post
  • Best of all, you look wicked smart!

Here’s how. It takes only a little bit longer than “liking” a post!

First, navigate to a post that you want to share. Here’s a shameless plug for one of mine: “Diversity and Sustainability are Not Separate Things”.

Second, click “Share.”

For extra points, make a quick comment and/or add hashtags for topics like #efficiency, #sustainability, etc.

That’s it! Rinse and repeat a few times each month or week to improve your social influence.

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