A simple mind-mapping tool

Whether you’re a marketer charting a customer journey, a project manager sketching out project stages, or even a department head working on a staff chart, sometimes you need a simple way to draw boxes, lines, and arrows without thinking too much about it.

Of course PowerPoint and Excel have smart graphics, org chart tools, etc. Personally, I find these so cumbersome that the tools get in the way of the thought process. Instead, I headed over to SimpleMind and downloaded the free version of their mapping tool, SimpleMind Lite.

To be sure, the free version doesn’t let you do a ton of things. (I haven’t figured out yet if you can save maps as separate files, although you can save them as separate PDFs.) But if you want a tool that lets you sketch out a bunch of connected ideas without running out of space or feeling like you’re in a death match with Microsoft, SimpleMind Lite is exactly what you need.