All the ways to prevent butt-dialing

Thanks to butt-dialing, I’ve heard – and transmitted – a lot of ambient noise from cafés, friends’ kitchens, and even my son’s school bus. But(t) it’s not so great when your conversation is overheard.

FGB has rounded up all the ways we can find to prevent butt-dialing! Here they are, in no particular order:

  • Change the phone’s settings to allow a lock screen and password. Whenever you put your phone away, put it to sleep (on iPhone, press the Sleep/Wake button; put Androids to sleep with a double-tap). And remember to keep your face and fingers away from your butt. (Sorry, I couldn’t resist.)
  • Also, set your device to lock itself after a few minutes – that way, even if you forget to lock it yourself, it’ll automatically lock.
  • Make sure Siri or other voice-activated assistants are set to be deactivated when the screen is locked. This prevents them from accidentally making a call without you knowing it.
  • Pro tip: You can also avoid the related trauma of “Butt-Head Dialing” by locking up your phone before a night of heavy drinking and “Head-Butt Dialing” by not storing your phone in your football helmet.

Unrelated to butt-dialing, but equally important to avoid saying the wrong thing to the wrong person: if your significant other has a name that is similar to your supervisor, you might want to change the way one of them is listed to “Honey Muffin” or “Boss.” Juicy story omitted!